Bid Opening Schedule

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*24-hour GFE Bid

We are transitioning to a new electronic bid portal for Goods & Services, during our transition please check both sites.

Louisville Water Company Electronic Planroom

Louisville Water Company Bonfire (Electronic Bidding)

Bids will be unsealed and read publicly at 11:00 a.m. on the Bid Submittal Date.  You may access the public reading of bids by calling 502-709-7361, Conference ID:  317 611 769#.

Bid Number Description Project Manager Buyer Advertise Date Bid Submittal Date
21-41 N. 26th Street ARea Water Main Replacement Project Mike Meyer Renee Fromme 7/14/2021 7/28/2021
21-103 Barricades, Cones and Lights Purchase Brian Bobbitt Terri Young 7/14/2021 7/28/2021
21-42 Skid Mounted Air Compressors Wayne Dunn Terri Young 7/14/2021 7/28/2021
21-82 Water Treatment Chemicals Vince Ilari Renee Fromme 7/14/2021 8/4/2021
21-107 Barricades & Traffic Control Rentals Thomas Brannon Renee Fromme 7/21/2021 8/4/2021
21-87 Heavy Equipment Rentals Greg Armenta Renee Fromme 7/21/2021 8/4/2021
21-27 Kramer's Lane - National Turnpike MRRP Eric Walls Renee Fromme 7/28/2021 8/11/2021