Small Business Equity Program

Small Business Equity Program

Everyday Louisville Water delivers millions of gallons of drinking water and as we do this, we also create jobs and opportunities for hundreds of large and small businesses. We are looking for diverse suppliers and contractors who are dedicated to delivering quality work.

If you are a small business, we want to work with you.

Louisville’s landscape is changing everywhere you look. Construction projects and new developments are happening all around us. The ripple effects of our city’s growth means new and advantageous opportunities for businesses at all levels. Louisville Water’s Small Business Equity (SBE) program promotes economic opportunity in the Louisville market area.

Small businesses can sometimes feel like they’re facing an uphill battle when it comes to competing against larger companies with more capital. Louisville Water launched its SBE program in 2020 to give small businesses, including those which are minority-owned and women-owned, a better chance of standing out and winning bids. We encourage small businesses to apply to be a qualified Louisville Water SBE program member. For more information on the requirements and how to apply, sign up for our virtual information workshops.

SBE program members will enjoy a few benefits:

  • Only Louisville Water SBE program members can bid on certain Louisville Water projects, and Louisville Water will determine what those projects are. Our SBE program generally includes bidding on construction, professional services, or general services contracts for more than $30,000 but less than $500,000 (this is commonly referred to as a sheltered market program).
  • NEW: SBE members shall have their bid reduced by 5% (not to exceed $50,000) when determining lowest bid price in selected general market bids.
  • NEW: Eligible to receive complimentary bid documents for construction projects.
  • The opportunity to work with Louisville Water on projects that are less than $30,000. In this case, bids are not required, and Louisville Water employees can work directly with SBE program members.
  • The opportunity to participate in large-scale projects. SBE program members may participate in all Louisville Water bid opportunities where they meet the requirements as indicated in the bid.

To get started, fill out our SBE Program Member application.

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