Community Education Program

Louisville Water offers students real-world educational experiences, using water as a teaching tool, in both the classroom and at our facility. Our programs align to content standards and bring water to life using science, social studies, practical living, literacy and math. Click here to view our education brochure. 

Our educators love visiting schools and teaching kids’ healthy habits, the importance of water to the community and everyday living. Choose one of our multiple classroom visit options, which are provided at no cost to the school - the only requirement is excited kids and engaged teachers! 

Looking for a more interactive adventure with your class? Plan a field trip to the WaterWorks Museum, located inside historic Pump Station #1 at Lousville Water Tower Park. Included in the visit is time in the museum, a guided tour and an on-site lesson. Students will learn the stories behind every glass of drinking water! Please plan to spend approximately two hours on site. Field trips are available for students in grades two and above. After visiting the Water Works Museum, continue your day with a visit to one of our multiple field trip partners.

We also offer a program showing the journey of water through both Louisville Water and Louisville MSD's treatment processes. Learn more about our River to River program, which can also include a visit to Louisville MSD's Floyd's Fork pumping station.

Louisville Water Tower Park schedules special scouts-only days at the WaterWorks Museum where fun and educational activities are added to the regular tour visit. These dates are often selected outside regular operating hours to accommodate scout group schedules. 

Contact us to learn more about our education programs and field trips or call 502.569.3600 x2436.