Native Plants, Pest Management and Pollution Prevention

Native Plants, Pest Management and Pollution Prevention

September 2006, Louisville Water Company, in cooperation with Louisville Metro Government, submitted a proposal to the US Environmental Protection Agency, Region 4, for a Source Reduction Assistance Grant. The project was slated to reduce lawn chemical usage, conserve energy and water, reduce air emissions by the use of native grasses, trees, and flowering plants, and restore open fields to prairie. The grants was also requested for use in developing educational materials, perform training sessions, conduct seminars, and perform a demonstration of the use of the native plants, as a homeowner would in their yard.

"The Homeowner's Guidebook of Native Plants, Intergrated Pest Management and Pollution Prevention" is available to you in chapters.  Click on the topics that interest you most.

Cover and Table of Contents

Chapter 1 - Overview

Chapter 2 - Kentucky Wildflowers

Chapter 3 - Kentucky Native Grasses

Chapter 4 - Kentucky Native Plants

Chapter 5 - Kentucky Nurseries

Chapter 6 - Kentucky Unwanted Plants

Chapter 7 - Index of Plants

Chapter 8 - Design Tables

Chapter 9 - Pesticides

Chapter 9 - Appendix

Chapter 10 - Integrated Pest Management

Chapter 10 - Appendix

Chapter 11 - Pest Identification

Chapter 12 - Green Lawn Care