Main Replacement & Rehabilitation

Cast-iron Transmission Main Inspection Along Eastern Parkway

Our job is to deliver great-tasting, safe drinking water to our customers. That’s why we either replace or rehabilitate more than 35 miles of aging water mains throughout our distribution system every year.

Louisville Water Company’s Main Replacement and Rehabilitation Program (MRRP) is a huge construction project with four goals:

  • Improved water quality and service,
  • Reduced system maintenance (fewer main breaks and joint leaks),
  • Improved hydraulic capacity and fire flow, and
  • Coordination with economic development and paving programs.

Information on the history of each water main is reviewed to determine the best course of action to ensure water quality.  Actions taken may include:

  • Replacement of high-maintenance water mains,
  • Rehabilitation of structurally sound water mains by cleaning and cement-mortar lining,
  • Installation of grid connections on dead-ended or poorly circulating mains, and
  • Abandonment of unlined mains that parallel existing water mains. 

Customers are notified by mail of planned MRRP work scheduled in their area.