Commonly Asked Questions about Our Lead Service Line Replacement Program

In the late 1990's, Louisville Water Company began an initiative to replace old lead service lines within our system. Below are a few of the commonly asked questions about this program. 

Why are you replacing the lead pipes?

Up until the 1950's, water utilities commonly installed lead service lines. Since the late 1990's, Louisville Water has been replacing its lead service lines with copper pipes. 

Does my drinking water contain lead?

Louisville's drinking water does not contain lead when it leaves the treatment plant.  Water can pick up trace amounts of lead through the corrosion of plumbing materials.  

How long will the project take?

Generally, crews work on several services each day.  Following the work, we'll restore the grass, sidewalk and pavement affected by the construction.  If construction is done in the winter, the crew can do initial restoration, but may need to come back in the spring to finish.  It can take a few months to complete the paving, especially if several streets need to be paved.

Will my water service be off during the work?

Yes, we'll turn off your service for several hours while we install the new service line.  If we run into problems with the connection of your neighbor’s service, the water main may have to be shut down for several hours.  We will notify you prior to turning off the water service.

Should I boil my water after the work is completed?

No, boiling water will not reduce lead. Only cook and drink cold tap water and never use hot tap water to make formula.   

Will the work site be noisy?

Construction noise in front of your home should be minimal.

During the work, will I have access to my driveway or front lawn? 

You will have access to your driveway unless your meter is in your driveway.  Street parking may not be available.  Please watch for ‘No Parking’ signs, as these may be adjusted as construction proceeds.

What happens after you finish the work?

Once work is completed in the area, holes in the street will be paved and sidewalk sections replaced.  Your yard will be seeded and strawed.  The dirt may be allowed to settle first.

Why is it necessary to "flush" my water lines for 60 minutes?

Flushing helps remove any loose particles that were left in the line after work is done.  You will receive a $10 credit on your next Louisville Water bill. Watch our video for step-by-step instructions to flush you water lines. 

Will I receive information following the service line replacement?

Yes, we will leave information that explains the replacement, how to flush the water line and the credit.  If you're home when we complete the work, we'll review the information with you. If your water line that connects to Louisville Water is made of lead we'll provide you with information on replacing your private outdoor service line, which we highly recommend.

What hours do the crews work?

Work is typically performed between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. Monday - Friday. Work on businesses may need to be performed at night or on a weekend.

Will I be personally be notified before water is shut off? What if I am in the shower? How will the crew know not to shut off?

Crews will knock on the door and/or check to see if the meter is running before they turn the water off.

Will Louisville Water crews do the work?

Louisville Water Company uses both our own crews and contractors for lead service renewal work.  You will receive a letter at the beginning of the construction work that will include information about the crew/contractor. 

Do I have to pay to replace the lines?

Louisville Water will pay the costs to replace the service line between the water main and the property line connection.  If your private outdoor service line is lead, we highly recommend replacing your line at the same time that we replace ours. The property owner is responsible for the cost of replacing the private outdoor water service line. 

Who do I contact if I have an issue during construction?

Contact information for the Project Manager will be provided in a letter sent at the beginning of construction. You may also call 502.569.0830 or email

What if there is a leak on my side of the water service line?

If you have the Home Serve insurance, please contact them.  If not, you will need to contact a plumber.