Water Fit for a (Future) King!

The Louisville pure tap Story

March 9, 2015

While in Louisville today, the Royals will enjoy a premium water, Louisville pure tap®.  In 1996,  Louisville Water became the first water utility in the nation to ‘trademark’ its drinking water. The name, “pure tap” reinforces the quality and value of our drinking water.  Louisville Water encourages to get “back to the tap” and choose tap water as a sustainable, healthy beverage choice.

Louisville Water has created a line of “green” products that make it easy to enjoy pure tap - including coolers, compostable cups, water pitchers and reusable bottles. Louisville Water’s engineers have designed a “to go” station that provides an ongoing supply of Louisville pure tap® at festivals and concerts. The water is served straight from the main through a cooler and restaurant-style hose.

Today, the innovation to find pure water is deep in the ground. The earth is a natural filter of sand and gravel and 70-feet below us is millions of gallons of water that is nearly as clean as what comes out of your faucet. The challenge for Louisville Water was to capture the water and bring it to the surface.

In 2010, Louisville Water became the first in the world to combine a tunnel and well system as a source for drinking water with Riverbank Filtration.  It’s an extension of the filter experiments over 100 years ago. Riverbank Filtration captures water that is naturally filtered in the aquifer. Parallel to the Ohio River at its B.E. Payne Plant, Louisville Water carved a mile-and-a-half long tunnel in bedrock, 150 feet in the ground. Wells capture the ground water where it is captured in the tunnel.  Electric pumps pull the water to the treatment plant.

Riverbank Filtration is a “green” solution, requiring less chemicals and power to clean the water.  In 2011, the American Society of Civil Engineers awarded it as the “best civil engineering project” in the world.