Tapper competes in Mascot Bowl XII on WDRB

Tapper competes in Mascot Bowl XII on WDRB
January 31, 2019

See our very own Tapper taking part in Mascot Bowl XII, presented by WDRB in the Morning. Hosted by WDRB's Keith Kaiser, the game will be shown live on the show on Friday, February 1. Tapper also participated Thursday in the Mascot Bowl XII Combine, where he competed in the 20-yard dash, Pro Agility (20-yard shuttle), long jump and vertical jump against morning show hosts and other local mascots. Check out the hilarious videos too!

We sat down with Tapper before the big game to discuss his job, hobbies and how he gets ready for this annual competition. Be sure to tune in for the live game tomorrow morning!


What is your job at Louisville Water?

As Louisville Water’s mascot, I visit different events that we host or are a part of and engage the public in fun things to do! I encourage people to get back to the tap and stop using bottled water. I want everyone to drink water, fill their reusable bottle and repeat. I love my job!

How long have you been at Louisville Water?

Our tap water was branded Louisville pure tap® 21 years ago back in 1997 but I was born a bit later in 2000. I’ve changed my look over the years (haven’t we all?), but I am still full of delicious Louisville pure tap®. Last year, we celebrated 21 years of branding our tap water -- in fact, it's been 21 years of pure perfection!

What do you like best about your job?

I love meeting Louisville Water customers, especially the kids! I am proud that I represent the award-winning water they use and drink every day! I was just at a Field Elementary event, and I’m gearing up for the WDRB’s Mascot Bowl this tomorrow!

How do you get ready for Mascot Bowl?

I am an active mascot— you will see me all around town – so physically I’m in great shape! But the secret to my preparation is that I drink Louisville pure tap® and for the Mascot Bowl, I drink even more!

What is unique or something others might now know about your job?

I get to hear all the great things that our customers say about our water. And I wish I could tell them it’s because we have the most dedicated employees on the planet! But since I can’t speak, I give lots of hi-fives and hugs.

What are your hobbies?

Holding water, giving out water and spreading the word about our awesome tap water! What can I say – I love Louisville pure tap®!