Science, water fountains and the aquifer

Science, water fountains and the aquifer
November 28, 2017

A local school, a history museum and one of the area’s largest tourist attractions will each receive funding from the Louisville Water Foundation.

At its November meeting, the Foundation approved grant requests to South Oldham Middle School, the Louisville Zoo and the Frazier History Museum.

South Oldham will receive funds to help with its Science Technology Leadership program. Students are involved in a robotics project where they are researching and solving a problem in the human water cycle. The Foundation’s grant of $2,500 will go toward the purchase of computers.

Next spring, guests to the Louisville Zoo can “BYOB” (Bring Your Own Bottle) and fill for free at bottle fill stations. The Zoo will receive $24,000 from the Foun­dation to replace its drinking water fountains with new bottle fill stations.

Each station will be branded with educational sig­nage about water. In addition, the Zoo will work with Louisville Water on a marketing campaign to promote tap water at the zoo and Louisville Water educators will be on site monthly to provide education. Cur­rently, the zoo has three drinking water fountains that already have a water message. Those will be replaced.

The Frazier History Museum is de­signing a new permanent exhibit called “Spirit of Kentucky” that will welcome visitors to the world of bourbon by providing an educational primer on the people, environment and business of the bourbon industry.

The exhibit includes an installation called “The Water Story” that highlights how the quality of the local aquifer, the limestone and Louis­ville’s drinking water are assets in the state’s signa­ture industry.

The Foundation approved a $60,000 request for the water aspect of the exhibit. The Frazier Museum will include programming on Louisville Water’s riverbank filtration system that uses the water naturally filtered in the aquifer as a source for the B.E. Payne Treat­ment Plant.