Oh, deer!

Oh, deer!
November 9, 2018

Louisville Water made both local and national news a few months ago when a fire hydrant crew rescued a kitten. Now Kay Ball, Advanced Treatment Technology Program Manager, shares this story about another animal rescue this year:

I received an email from the head of the home owners’ association on Transylvania Beach stating a neighbor called and asked him to let me know that there are deer trapped inside the fence of lagoons #4 at the B.E. Payne Water Treatment Plant. I immediately called Cindy Crawford, lead operator at B.E. Payne at the time, and asked if she could drive around the roadway of the lagoon and chase the deer to freedom. She was successful with chasing out two bucks.

I later received a call from the concerned neighbor. She told me the bucks were free, but there was still a small doe that she saw at the gate every evening around 8:00, gazing across to the field as if she longed to be on the other side of the gate (her words). She was leaving carrots at the gate for the starving doe.

I contacted Rob Newman, Wellhead Protection Specialist, and asked if he could try to chase her out. After two attempts, the third time was a charm; he was successful and she left the lagoon gate. I received another call from the neighbor just as Rob sent a picture of the doe leaving the lagoon, so I was able to give her good news and send her a picture!

The neighbor asked for the names and address of B.E. Payne to send a real old fashioned thank you card!