How to Identify a Louisville Water Employee

October 27, 2016

It's rare that a Louisville Water employee would ever need to gain access to your home.  In fact, Louisville Water employees only pay visits in response to a customer request.  

Unfortunately, there have been recent reports of people posing as Louisville Water employees to gain access to unsuspecting customer homes. 

Take the following steps to ensure the person visiting your home is the real thing.

  • Ask for identification.  All Louisville Water employees have badges with their photo, employee ID no., and the Louisville Water Company logo. Do not allow anyone in the home that cannot present this badge.
  • Look for a Louisville Water vehicle.  Louisville Water vehicles bear the company logo and a vehicle ID no.  Typically, you'll see one parked somewhere on your street when employees are in the area. Our contractors will even have signs on their vehicles identfying them as doing work for us.
  • Call the police.  If you think someone is posing as a Louisville Water employee to enter your home, call the police immediately and alert your neighbors. Often times, imposters are checking to see if someone is home or is “casing” the home for valuables to return later and steal.
  • Call Louisville Water Company.  Contact our Customer Care Center at (502) 583.6610 to report any concerns.