Half a million people hydrated through Louisville pure tap® to GO stations

Half a million people hydrated through Louisville pure tap® to GO stations
December 15, 2015

With the cold of winter beginning to nip at our noses, you may be wishing you could return to the dog days of summer. Think back to those warm, sunny events. Perhaps you were enjoying some live music and local fare with friends and family; maybe you were supporting a nonprofit by running in their 5k. Whatever it was, do you remember when the feeling hit you?

The sun is beaming overhead. Your mouth is starting to feel a bit dry. You are hot and thirsty. You know that nothing will quench that thirst better than ice-cold water. You could spend upwards of $4 for a 16-ounce single-use bottle of water. What a rip-off!

But wait, what’s that?

It’s a Louisville pure tap® to GO water station: a true oasis if there ever was one.

More than half of a million people visited just such an oasis in the past year. Louisville Water set up and staffed Louisville pure tap® to GO stations at more than 100 events across 17 different zip codes in our service area. These mobile stations and fountains connect directly to the water line and provide an unlimited supply of water. We use them to serve our award-winning Louisville pure tap® for free and spread the message about the high quality and value of our product. It’s the best deal in town!

Louisville Water retired its filled bottle program in 2014 and began the process of encouraging event organizers to get back to the tap. The transition has been an overwhelming success. Louisville pure tap® is a crowd pleaser at fairs, walks and races, festivals, corporate events, reunions, theatre performances, farmers markets, taste events, sporting events, parades and concerts.

But it’s not just about these major community events. Groups of any size can commit to getting back to the tap by taking advantage of Louisville Water’s pure tap bottles, pitchers, and Fill & Chill (coolers and cups) options. We make it easy to serve drinking water the “green” way!

Learn more about the Louisville pure tap® to GO program at Louisvillepuretap.com or get social with us on Facebook and Twitter. #backtothetap