Your Clearer, Cleaner Water Bill

Your Clearer, Cleaner Water Bill
September 29, 2017

From high-quality drinking water to friendly customer service areas, we’re always looking for ways to improve your satisfaction. That’s why we’re proud to introduce a new easy-to-read, cleaner and clearer Louisville Water Company bill—which was designed by you, for you. Now you can find all the information you need in a glance - below is a sample bill with detailed explanations of each section or you can watch a video that explains the new bill. We’ve also created a frequently asked questions page about the bill. 

Click the image to enlarge the sample bill. 

Louisville Water MyBill - Example Bill - Front

Louisville Water MyBill - Example Bill - Back


Account Summary

A simple and clear snapshot of your current billing status and a breakdown of Louisville Water Company, MSD/wastewater and any other charges.

Usage History & Usage Comparison

Easily monitor your water usage. Compare it to past months, see how the change of season alters it and spot a spike in usage.


Message Center

Find helpful facts, tips, information and updates here.


Bill Stub

Return this portion with your payment or simply pay online. You’ll also find your amount due, due date and late payment information. 

Meter Reading

Find out how much water you used during this billing cycle—your meter number is also located here, should you ever need it. This is also where you will find how we measure water usage (cons = gallons).

Bill Details

One of the biggest changes you’ll notice is a clear, line-by-line breakdown of costs for water, wastewater and any other charges. Customer service information is clearly displayed here, as well.

Manage Your Account

Information about signing up for AutoPay, paying online or over the phone, how to go paperless with eBill and more can be found here.