Louisville Water Tower Park: Frequently Asked Questions

Louisville Water Tower Park FAQs

What is included in the venue rental cost?

Venue rental fee includes access to the following locations:

  • Pumping Station No. 1 Building including the Grand Hall and WaterWorks Museum
  • Water Tower Plaza
  • River Side Terrace
  • River Side Lawn

The rental fee also includes:

  • 20 8-foot tables (indoor only)
  • 10 60-inch round tables (indoor only)
  • 4 6-foot tables (indoor only)
  • general liability insurance
  • an onsite staff person for the duration of your event

Do you host more than one event at the same time?
We only host one event at a time to ensure each occasion is special.

How many hours are included in the rental?
Included in the rental are two hours for set up, five hours for the event, and one hour for tear down. Additional hours may be purchased.

Can we bring in our own alcohol?
You may provide your own alcohol, however due to Alcohol and Beverage Control laws, Michaelis Events is required to serve it.

Can we use our own caterer?
We have contracted with Michaelis Events as our exclusive caterer for our venue. They are recognized for their high standards of excellence across a wide range of budgets, tastes and preferences.

What is required from Michaelis Events?
Michaelis Events is exclusive for food, beverages, desserts (including cake), tables, chairs and tents.

Is there a set time we must end by?
Event time frames will be set in each individual contract, depending on your needs.

Are there any décor restrictions?
Due to the historic status of the building, we do not allow nails, tacks, screws, tape, glue, or other fasteners/adhesives on wood, wallpaper, plaster walls, or other surfaces. Candles must be enclosed/contained within glass. Rice, confetti, glitter and helium-filled balloons are not allowed indoors. Lastly, we do not allow any fireworks, sparklers, fire pits, open flame lanterns, and explosive materials on the property.

What is the cancellation policy?
The deposit will be retained by Louisville Water as a cancellation fee if tenant cancels at any time. If the event is cancelled within 30 days of the scheduled time/date, Louisville Water may retain 100 percent of the previously paid rental amount.

What is the facility fee on the caterer’s invoice?
Also known as a service charge, the facility fee (usually 13 to 18 percent around the Louisville area) acts as an operating cost for items such as utilities, supplies, insurance, advertising, administrative staff, day-to-day operations, etc. This fee is paid directly to the venue from Michaelis Events.

How do I schedule a tour?
Call 502.897.1481 or email zornrental@lwcky.com to set up a tour. We hope to see you soon!