Frequently Asked Questions about the Eastern Parkway Project

Why are you replacing the water main?
The 6.4 mile construction project along Eastern Parkway extends the life of one of Louisville Water Company’s oldest water mains. Installed between 1923 and 1930, this water main has almost reached the end of its useful life, which is typically 100 years. In the past five years, the main has broken three times, and further inspection revealed additional weak spots within the pipe that could lead to more breaks.

Will I lose water during the project?

You will not lose water during the project in part, due to Louisville Water's redundant system.  Louisville Water has a network of gridded water mains ranging in size from six inches to 60 inches in diameter. The Eastern Parkway main is a 48-inch cast iron transmission main that carries up to 15 million gallons of water daily from the Crescent Hill Treatment Plant on Frankfort Avenue to downtown and neighborhoods to the south.  Transmission mains are some of the larger water mains in the system and there are several others that will pick up the load while this main is repaired. 

How much of the main are you replacing?

To minimize disruption, the project will be completed in phases over the course of three years. Phase 2A of the project, slated for mid-October 2017 through April 2018, involves work on 1.7 miles of the water main along Eastern Parkway from Crittenden Drive at I-65 to Beargrass Creek near Poplar Level Road. 

Are you shutting down all of Eastern Parkway at one time?
No, there are multiple stages of construction throughout the project. Each stage will require different road closures or detours, lasting anywhere from several days to weeks. 

How will I know when a road close to me is closed or used as a detour?
You will be notified two weeks in advance of any work moving into your area. Our website will also show the most current road closures and detours, so check back often.

How are you fixing the pipe?
Thanks to innovations in technology, we can rehab and/or replace the existing 48-inch main by inserting a new 42-inch diameter steel pipeline inside the existing 48-inch main. This approach is known as slip lining. We'll still dig trenches to install the new pipe and in some cases we'll have to remove some of the old pipe, but this approach minimizes traffic detours and preserves the beauty of Eastern Parkway. And best of all, customers won't lose water as we make repairs!

Will work be performed at nights and on weekends?
Here’s what you can expect during construction:

  • Work hours are Monday – Friday, 7:00 a.m. – 7:00 p.m.
  • Any work on intersections will continue through the night in order to expedite construction
  • Light towers will be present at job sites
  • Typical construction site noise
  • Fencing and barriers around open construction pits
  • Contractor plans to have a staging areas at which they will store equipment and supplies:
    • Eastern Parkway & Beargrass Creek

Here’s what you can expect after construction:

  • As construction moves through the route crews will fill disturbed areas to surface with concrete. Once the entire phase is complete, we will repave work areas from curb-to-curb
  • Contractor will remove the necessary trees and fill holes with appropriate soil for replanting
  • Metro Parks will replant new trees of their selected variety and number

Louisville Water will provide additional trees based on a ratio decided for each given tree removed.

Still have questions? Feel free to contact us