Why Did You Replace the Water Main?

Remember When on Eastern Parkway?

The water main along Eastern Parkway was near the end of its useful life. Most water mains are estimated to last 100 years, and this one was installed between 1923-1930. In the past five years there have been several major breaks, leading to loss of water for many homeowners and businesses, as well as catastrophic flooding. Robotic inspection of the pipe revealed additional weak spots along the pipe walls, which could lead to future breaks. For these reasons, Louisville Water chose to invest in updating its infrastructure.

Past breaks along Eastern Parkway main include:

  • Eastern Parkway and Arthur Street at University of Louisville Campus – July 11, 2011
  • Eastern Parkway and Crittenden Drive – August 11, 2011
  • Eastern Parkway and Baxter Avenue – March 2014