FAQs about Your Bill


Where is my 10-digit account number located on the bill?
Your account number can be found in the “Account Information” section, which is located on the left-hand side of the bill, directly below the Louisville Water Company logo. Please use this number when requesting information about your account.

How much do I owe? 
The amount due is clearly noted in a blue box on the top right side of the bill. You may also check LINK, our customer care portal, for your account balance.  

How is the amount of my statement determined?
The amount of water a customer uses is measured in gallons. Water use varies depending on the season and the size of your home. We read your meter to determine how many gallons you used over the billing period. We multiply this usage by your rate to calculate your bill.  

Why are there charges on my water bill for Louisville MSD or other sewer companies?
Nobody likes to receive a lot of bills so as a service to our customers we include the wastewater and stormwater/drainage charges for several sewer companies on our bills. Combining bills allows the companies to hold down postage and handling costs, which helps us be more efficient and saves you money. We've billed on behalf of these companies for quite some time but it may now be more evident due to the layout of the new bill. 

I have questions about the wastewater and drainage portion of my bill. Who should I contact?
Call 502.583.6610 with any questions about your bill but contact your sewer company directly for questions regarding sewer related services. The phone number for your sewer company can be found in the green box on the back of your bill in the “details” section.

How do you calculate late fees?
Late fees are calculated based on five percent of your Louisville Water charges and varying percentages of your sewer charges, depending on your service provider. MSD customers are charged five percent of the wastewater and stormwater/drainage fees.

What should I do if the bill says my account balance is past due and subject to disconnect?
The amount highlighted in red is the amount you must pay to avoid disconnection. If you know you will have trouble paying the full amount by the due date, we encourage you to contact us. We want to help you find a way to keep your service so you don't have the added burden of a disconnect fee. The below agencies also offer customer assistance programs:

Jefferson County: Community Ministries
Oldham County: American Red Cross
Bullitt County: Multi-Purpose Community Action Agency 

What can I do if I can't make a payment on time? Can I obtain a payment extension?
If you are unable to pay your bill before the due date, please call Customer Service at 502.583.6610. In order to qualify for a payment extension, your account must be past due, not greater than one billing cycle and not scheduled for disconnection of service.  If you have an outstanding balance greater than one billing cycle, that balance must be paid prior to requesting an extension.  Late fees will be assessed if the current amount due is not received in full by the payment due date even if a payment extension has been given.  

Is there a fee associated with turning my water off or on? 
A $45 fee is charged when the water service is turned off. If your water service is turned off for non-payment, your bill must be paid in full, including the $45 fee, before we can turn back on. In addition, after restoration of services, a $100.00 security deposit is charged to your account. 

Why is a security deposit added to my account after it has been turned off for non-payment?
If a customer has been turned off for non-pay and currently does not have a deposit, a deposit should go on the account and stay active for three years from that occurrence. Once a customer has three consecutive years of service with us and a good credit rating (no turn offs, no return items) the deposit is refunded back to the account. 

How long will it take to turn my water back on after I pay?
We restore water service as quickly as possible but have until midnight the following business day to turn your water back on. Please remember to turn off your main water shut-off valve  - if our crews see water running through the meter when restoring service, we cannot leave the water on due to risk of flooding if no one is home.

Can I find out my usage history for a longer period than the one shown on the bill?
Up to two years of usage history can be viewed on LINK,  our customer portal. Sign up today if you do not have an account.

I have an irrigation system. Is this water usage included in the usage history graph?
No, only the water used inside the home or from outdoor faucets is included in the graph. This water flows through the same meter, whereas the water used for irrigation flows through a separate meter.  

Why was my bill estimated?
Bills are estimated when our meter readers are unable to access water meters. In most instances, estimates occur during the winter months when our crews are unable to reach the home due to inclement weather. However, estimates may also occur if an animal or vehicle prevents access to the property or meter. Meter readers obtain true readings as soon as possible and your bill will reflect a credit if we overestimated or an additional amount if we underestimated. When estimated, the bar on the history graph will appear orange.

Why are there different prices for water consumption?
Water rates are based on a thousand gallons of water. For residential bi-monthly customers, the first 6,000 gallons used is one tier, between 6,000 and 20,000 gallons a second tier, and above 20,000 gallons a third tier. The first 6,000 gallons are the lowest price. Read the full water rate schedule. The water rates have always been on your bill but you may more clearly notice the pricing due to the new layout of the bill detail section.

What is a “water domestic service charge”?
Customers are charged a daily fee for service based on the size of their meter. A typical residential home has a 5/8 x ¾  meter and is charged $.42378 per day per the 2020 water rates.  Read the full water rate schedule

The previous balance says zero, but I know I asked for a payment extension.  
When a customer requests an extension, our billing system moves the amount owed to the next billing cycle, meaning it is no longer considered past due, but rather, a current balance. The payment extension balance, as well as the current bill’s balance, is due with the next bill cycle. Your payment extension balance may now be found in the “Other Charges” section on the back of your bill.

What is wastewater?
This is the water that flows down your sinks, bathtubs and toilets. Customers are billed a volume charge by MSD and other sewer companies. The charge is based on the amount of water usage. These rates are set independently by MSD and each separate sewer company.

What are the EPA Consent Decree Surcharges from MSD?
An EPA Consent Decree Surcharge allows for sewer system infrastructure changes necessary to reduce overflow and improve the quality of our local waterways.

What are drainage charges?
This charge is the surface drainage/stormwater maintenance fee. MSD is responsible for the construction and maintenance of Louisville Metro drainage swales, storm sewers, catch basins and drainage channels.

Can I get a pool credit?
MSD does not give pool credits. The only sewer company that gives a pool credit is Shepherdsville Sewer. The Shepherdsville Sewer customers are able to use the Adjustment Request form on the Louisville Water website to request a pool credit. Be sure to include the size of your pool. Please note that only one pool credit will be given per year. The amount to be adjusted will be determined by comparing the seasonal usage and adjusting the overage. Customers are to pay their current bill amount pending the adjustment, and any credits due to the adjustment will be applied to the next billing cycle.

I have a service plan through HomeServe where are these charges now listed?
All warranties and service plans purchased through HomeServe can now be found in the “Other Charges” section on the back of the bill, under “Bill Details.” In addition, HomeServe’s customer phone number now also prints on the bill.

What do I do if I need to use my HomeServe warranty?
You may call HomeServe at 877.444.2480 for assistance in using your warranty services or to receive a receipt for work performed.

Can I find out when my meter will be read for the next bill?
In the service address section on the back of the bill, you’ll find the “prior read date” and “current read date.” This should give you an idea of how often your meter is read.  

How do I find the location of a Louisville Water Company office?
The address and hours for our two payment locations may be found at LouisvilleWater.com.

What should I do if I think there’s an error on my bill?
Anytime you think there is an error on your bill we encourage you to call Customer Service at 502.583.6610. Representatives are available from 8:00 a.m. –  6:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.  

I am a landlord and have multiple address under one account number. What happens if I do not pay my bill?
For customers with consolidated accounts, non-payment at one address will affect all the service addresses under the account and result in a shut-off of water to all of the addresses. The $45 turn-off fee will be accessed to each service address upon shut-off.  A $100.00 security deposit will also be charged to the account upon reconnection of water service.