Service Line Lookup

Louisville’s drinking water is regarded as one of the highest quality in the United States and the drinking water does not contain lead when it leaves the treatment plant. Lead can become a potential risk for drinking water in the distribution system with lead pipes and plumbing.

Managing the water chemistry and treating the water to make it less likely that lead will dissolve into the water are crucial. Louisville Water’s scientists manage the corrosion control and continually do research on water treatment strategy.

Of Louisville Water's more than 281,000 service lines, our records reflect an estimated 7,700 (2.8 percent) remain lead services. Louisville Water is working to replace its remaining lead service lines by 2020. We plan to spend $5.9 million in 2017 to replace 2,000 lines. To find out if your home has a lead service line, please enter your 10-digit account number. Our available records are only for Louisville Water lines, not customer lines or plumbing within the home.  If you live in an apartment or condo, or do not receive a Louisville Water bill, please ask your landlord to check your Louisville Water service line. Unsure which water service line is your responsibility to maintain? Check here