Heine Brothers' offers free pure tap water bottles

Heine Brothers' offers free pure tap water bottles
September 28, 2017

You can’t make coffee without water, and Heine Brothers’ Coffee takes their water seriously! Heine Brothers’ is a purely local partner with Louisville Water and in honor of National Coffee Day on Friday, September 29, Heine Brothers’ will share their love of Louisville pure tap® with their customers.

“Every day is coffee day at Heine Brothers', but for this year, on National Coffee Day, the first 100 customers at each Louisville-area neighborhood Heine Brothers' shop will receive a free Louisville pure tap® refillable water bottle,” said Chuck Slaughter, Director of Marketing & Technology for Heine Brothers’. “Our HB Perks members will also get an exclusive reward through the app!”

Louisville Water’s purely local program is a partnership between Louisville Water and local businesses that recognize the importance of using and serving Louisville pure tap®. The program includes dozens of Louisville-area restaurants, offices and associations. Louisville Water offers an array of pure tap-branded items including water pitchers, signage, fountain wraps and even pet drinking bowls to their partners. 

Heine Brothers’ knows that Louisville Water’s high quality pure tap is essential to their brew. Louisville pure tap® is used each and every day at their Louisville locations, and the quality, taste and availability of the water is something they value.

“Louisville's water is constantly rated among the best out there, so naturally it made sense for us to partner with our hometown water company,” said Slaughter. “Here in Louisville. it takes Louisville pure tap® to brew great coffee. It is important for all people to have access to clean, safe water - and in Louisville we're lucky to add great-tasting to that.”

So go grab your cup of Heine Brothers’ coffee, and on Friday, get your refillable Louisville pure tap® bottle too!