Science in the Sink

Ever get bored in the summer?  How about a little summer science fun?

Go to Louisville Water's Facebook page every Sunday in July and look for a new experiment.

Use your phone to record yourself doing the experiment and post your video results on Facebook by tagging Louisville Water or by using hashtag #ScienceintheSink . 

Every time you post and tag your video it gives you a chance to win our Summer Science prize pack.

You can do all of these experiments right in your kitchen sink using things around the house like rubber bands, salt, sugar, paper towels and cotton balls.

June 30 Experiment 

1. Fill your sink about 1/3 of the way with water. 

2. Gather items like ice, marbles, paper clips, and rubber bands. 

3. Make predictions about which items will float and which ones will sink.

4. Test your theory.

5. Did the results surprise you?

July 7 Experiment 

1. Gather the following items from your kitchen: sugar, salt, pepper, oil, flour, spices and drink mix. 

2. Place 1 tablespoon of each item into seperate bowls. 

3. Pour a cup of water into each bowl. 

4. How do you think each item will react when you pour water into each bowl?

5. Record your results.

July 14 Experiment 

1. Line up 7 glasses of the same size and fill each with different amounts of water.  

2. Use a spoon or stick to gently tap the side of the glass.

3. What do you hear?

4. How does the sound change depending on how much water is in the glass?

5. Record your results.

July 21 Experiment 

1. Some items asborb water while others repel it. Find items around the house like towels, paper, cotton balls, and plastic wrap. 

2. Dip each in a bowl of water. 

3. How did each of them react when placed in water?

4. Describe what happens when you pull the item out of the water. 

5. Record your results.

July 29 Experiment 

1. Place a measuring cup in your sink. 

2. Turn on the faucet just enough to let the water drip slowly.

3. How long did it take to fill up your container?

4. Think about how many containers you could fill with a leaky faucet in one day.

5. Record your results.